Dunbar neighbors encourage people to speak up to stop the violence

Posted at 6:41 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 18:41:56-04

People living in Fort Myers fed up with the crime and hope for change.  The outrage sparked when a drive-by shooting on Royal Palm Avenue. This is just the latest chapter in a saga of violence that has plagued Fort Myers for years.

"This morning I was just at my desk doing my homework as usual and you just hear the shots going off and you can get used to it so much that you don't even recognize it anymore," said David who has lived on the street for the past nine years.

His response alarmed Lee county NAACP president James Muwakkil.

"I live in the Dunbar community, right in the heart of it, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, I love it, but I don't love the violence and what I see," said Muwakkil.

The Lee County chapter went door to door asking the community what can be done to put a stop the violence.

"They said they needed jobs. Most of them high school dropouts. They said they needed an opportunity to get their G.E.D. and get on with their life," said Muwakkil.

But it doesn't just end with those who pulled the trigger.

"We are contributing to it because we are not turning in our loved ones who are involved," he added.