FOX 4 seeking answers on LCSO investigation

Posted at 7:07 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 08:48:55-05

BUCKINGHAM, Fla. - An investigation continues on Lee County Sheriff's deputy Mark Young, who has been on leave from the Sheriff's office since December.

Deputies with the Lee County Sheriffs Office responded to a call at the home of deputy Mark Young on Cemetery Road early Wednesday.  Young has been put on leave since December. In January, he failed his "Fitness for Duty" evaluation.

The Sheriff's Office is not releasing more information, but neighbors say the house has always been a problem.

"There's always one house in every neighborhood, no matter where you live, that tends to fight and stuff, and its where we've seen it."

If you ask anyone in Young's neighborhood what they heard or saw on Tuesday night, they could tell you.

"I heard four or five shot guns real loud," Carlos Cortes said. "I didn't go out, I was totally scared because I have family."

Neighbors know deputies responded to a disturbance call involving one of their own, but what really happened that night and where Mark Young is now remains unknown.

Many neighbors, like Carlos Cortes, say they're searching for answers for the sake of their safety.

"They don't give you much information," Cortes said. "Even if we call them or we see them in the street, they don't give me much details."

Many wonder if the lack of details about Tuesday night's incident has something to do with deputies covering for one of their own.

A spokesperson with the Sheriff's office says new information will be released soon, but certain Florida statutes are holding them back from releasing any specific details at the moment. The spokesperson also said the Sheriff's office can't comment on an active investigation whether it involves a deputy or not.

LCSO says this is an active investigation but the public is not in any danger.