Foster mom accused of abuse out of jail; father remains in custody

Couple charged with physical and sexual abuse
Posted at 5:49 PM, Jul 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 18:49:17-04
24 hours after Cape Coral Police arrested two parents for abusing their 10 adopted and foster children, the mother children's mother is out of jail. 
Jenise Spurgeon, who faces 10 charges of aggravated child abuse, bonded out of Lee County Jail early Wednesday morning.  
At their home, Fox 4 noticed someone took out the trash. Fox 4 attempted to speak with Jenise at the home but no one answered the door. Calls to a phone number registered to Jenise went to voicemail.
Court documents reveal Jenise filed paper stating she could not afford an attorney. Her husband Daniel Spurgeon, who remains behind bars, did the same. 
The couple's pool guy at their gulf access canal home was stunned by the allegations. 
"They seemed like a very good family who adopted a lot of kids and took them in." 
Investigators say Daniel Spurgeon sexually abused at least 4 of his fostered and adopted teenage daughters, ages 13 to 16.
One of his 13-year-old daughter's told investigators Daniel served her alcohol before sexually abusing her. 
The Children's Network of Southwest Florida was overseeing the family's foster care case. 
Fox 4 asked the agency if the family's case manager noticed any signs of abuse. A spokesperson said he could not answer due to the status of the investigation; but told Fox 4 a case manager visited the home at least once a month. 
Neighbors who did not want to be identified were shocked by the charges. 
"To have that happen, no wonder they were outside i would have been anywhere but in there if this is what was going on inside, it's terrible." 
"I've been living 2 to 3 doors down from a suspected child molester that hits home for me."