Fort Myers wants to make downtown-living more affordable

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 20:10:34-05

FORT MYERS, Fl - Millennials could soon be taking over downtown Fort Myers. The city is trying to make the River District more appealing to the younger crowd.

City leaders met with the public Wednesday night to talk about ways to make downtown-living more affordable.

"A lot of people want to live downtown but can't afford it," said Aria Armstead, a millennial herself.

Months ago, the City of Fort Myers contracted with a local firm to come up with fresh ideas to develop downtown.

"Downtown has a lot to offer. I think that getting a different demographic of age here would really bring a new life to the downtown area," said Jordan Moore, an employee at Florida Repertory Theatre.

The new initiative comes as construction is set to begin for high end hotels and condos in downtown Fort Myers.

The proposal is expected to lead to more affordable housing option,s more businesses and investments in the city.

The idea is popular among business owners in the area.

"I think if we had more younger people in downtown Fort Myers, business would be more successful. We'd probably have more employment, more job opportunities," said Adam Perez, a manager at Flat Top Larry's.

But while the concept may seem attractive, others worry there could be some drawbacks.

"There could always be more risk of crime. There's not a lot of that down here. That could find it's way here," said Lora Johnson, an employee at Downtown House of Pizza.