Man arrested following Naples home invasion

Posted at 6:29 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 18:29:06-04

A woman in Naples had a scary encounter with an intruder when a man entered her bedroom Thursday night. Police arrested Ryan Ishley, 30, of Fort Myers after he allegedly stole valuables from the woman staying at a cottage on Gordon Drive near the Naples Pier.

The woman told police she was lying in bed and had just put down her laptop when a man opened her bedroom door, holding a lighter in order to see in the dark. When the woman screamed, the police report states that the man grabbed her duffle bag and purse, then ran out the back door, breaking some glass on the door in the process.

A Naples Police officer who was patrolling nearby on foot was alerted when he heard the glass break, and saw a man with a brown leather bag running south on Gordon Drive.

The officer identified himself and told the man to stop, but the thief continued to run. The officer soon caught up to him on 13th Avenue South.

Ishley was arrested on burglary and grand theft charges. The arrest report states that police found $1,400 worth of valuables on him.

"It's just comforting to know that they guys are out making patrols that they're supposed to be doing, and that they're competent enough to be able to run a guy down like that," said Dana Potts, who is spending Easter weekend with his family at a cottage across the street from where the home invasion took place.

His wife Julie said that they will make sure to set the alarm at the house where they're staying.

"That's how people break in," she said. "We get lax and we leave a door open, or somebody thinks they're going to be back within an hour, and they don't turn the alarm on."

The arrest report for Ryan Ishley states that the victim positively identified him as the man she saw in her bedroom.