Civil War reenactment honors fallen soldiers

Posted at 2:47 AM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 02:47:23-04
Canons positioned and rifles loaded for a blast from the past at Cape Coral Cultural Park Theater.
The Southwest Florida Military Museum hosted a civil war reenactment of the Fort Myers Sunday to honor fallen soldiers during memorial day weekend.
Actors portraying confederate and union soldiers fired fake canons and rifles to reproduce the February 20, 1865 battle referred to later as the southernmost civil war.  
Also on hand, were impersonators of Mr. and Mrs. George Washington.
"The young and old alike that are here they have many questions about the accoutrements we have behind us and about our lives and the sharing of that and educating them on the way things were in the 18th century," said Bill Elder, GCrge Washington Impersonator.
"Pesident Washington" delivered his farewell speech to the crowd; a moment that felt almost too real for one history fan. 
"I love history, I've always loved history but to be able to enjoy talking to them and they pretend they were from back then it's amazing, it's awesome," said Amanda Martinez.
The event helped give a glimpse into the valor and sacrifice of the men and women in our armed force, and served as a reminder that some give all, and all give some. 
"As a veteran myself it was really neat to see the support from the community and to come out and support what the true meaning of memorial day is, " said Chris, Southwest Florida Military Museum volunteer.