FMPD: "Our investigators are working...

Posted at 7:25 PM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 20:10:04-04
Just this month, FOX 4 has reported on at least nine shootings in Fort Myers. 
One of those shootings took place on Mother's Day this year and that's just part of what seems like an endless cycle.
A spokesperson with the Fort Myers Police Department tells Four In Your Corner there is no way to truly pin point why these shootings keep happening because there are many variables involved.
Meanwhile, the plea's from communities affected by these violent crimes continue, but some people say it seems like nothing is changing. 
"It's getting to a place where Fort Myers needs Fort Myers," Erick Walker said. "I just have a concern for stray bullets flying."
Bullets have been flying in the month of May and people have been making calls for police. So far, Fort Myers Police has received 36 calls for shots heard, compared to 31 in May 2015. 
FMPD could not confirm how many people were actually shot but said there will be more officers protecting the city's most violent areas. 
"Its extremely difficult and it is frustrating because we do put extra man power, we do put a great amount of effort ; our investigators are working tirelessly to solve these crimes," Capt. Jim Mulligan said. 
He tells Four In Your Corner officers will be ready to respond to any calls taking place this weekend. 
"We're going to have some extra personnel out in all neighborhoods, trying to increase our visibility and availability to people."
While the numbers of officers will increase this weekend, he says 'if you see something, to say something,' because the information reported to police could be key in solving crime. 
"Taking our efforts and putting them out in the field is a step in the right direction," Capt. Mulligan said. "But there needs to be more than just us. It needs to be everyone. We want to live in a safe city."
He adds FMPD is looking for grants for future funding to increase their man power on the streets of Fort Myers.