FMB construction resumes Monday

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jan 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-03 22:25:02-05

After a brief Holiday reprieve, the multi-million dollar "refresh Estero Boulevard" road project resumes along Ft. Myers Beach at full steam.

In August, crews broke ground on what is expected to be a decade long overhaul of Estero Boulevard between Crescent Street and Lovers Lane.  Crews are replacing sewage and gas lines, and expanding the road to include bike lanes.

"I won't ride a bike down here, because there is no room for your bike, because there is no area for your bike.  They're supposed to give three feet, that's the width of a handlebar," said Gwindell Frisk, who works at Kilwins Chocolates.

The business is north of the construction zone and wasn't impacted much by the work. However, customer Tina Brassel says the traffic is just as bad when there isn't construction going on.

"I come here to get my nails done, my hair done, it's been backed up and almost impossible to get through."

Jason Unger is co-owner of the "Doghouse", which lies in the middle of barricades and dirt.  He also hasn't notice a difference in foot or vehicle traffic and thinks many people are visiting Ft. Myers Beach for the holidays.

"I bet a lot of people didn't know the traffic was stopped if they knew about the construction at all."

Starting this week, waterline and sewage installations will take place along Estero Boulevard.  A gas line will also be installed between Times Square and Coconut RV park.

Project officials say both lanes of the road will remain open most of the time.  Portions of the road will be restriped at night.