Florida AG announces new ban on synthetic drug

The drug is blamed for 5 deaths in Pinellas County
Posted at 10:33 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 22:35:52-04

It's 7 1/2 times stronger than morphine, U-47700 was officially banned by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Tuesday.  

The drug can be found in Xanax pills, and even inhaled straight.

"I messed  around with the future, that's what I heard it called," said Kyle Lawrence.  "It's nasal spray stuff, in my opinion it's hard drugs, it's one of the harder drugs that I've done."
Lawrence and his friend Cody Triggs recently completed treatment for synthetic drugs in Ft. Myers.
Triggs says U-47700 is hard to trace
"I have on the other coast was telling me about this a couple months back, he says they were finding it in a lot of the heroin."
The additive can make heroin 5 times as potent, most of the time the dealers don't tell their clients about it.
"The risk of overdose increases, and the strategies needed to reverse an overdose also change, and that can be deadly if it's not responded to quickly enough," said Nancy Dauphinais, COO at the David Lawrence Center in Naples.
Both Triggs and Lawrence doubt new laws will stop the flow of Synthetic drugs.  Cody says his addiction problem began when he was prescribed Fetanyl at 16 for an injury.
"They didn't tell me you're going to get strung out on this it's going to ruin your life, it's going to stop working when we take it away."
Both men say if you are hooked on prescription drugs, don't wait as long as they did to get help.
"Been there done that, and this is where it leads, to a treatment facility, that's lucky, jails, institutions or death," Said Lawrence.
Some overdose deaths occurred when patients were left outside hospitals before they can get care.
Florida has a good Samaritan law, meaning if you take someone who is over dosing to the hospital, you won't be charged with a drug crime.