Flooding causes blocked roads in Cape Coral

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 22:42:18-05
CAPE CORAL, FLa. -- Chiquita Boulevard and Trafalgar Parkway is one of several intersections with inches of sitting water after another day of unseasonably heavy rain. "We're used to one inch of rain in January or maybe a couple inches through the whole season, now we've got a summers worth in a month," said Karen Sullivan driving down Trafalgar Parkway. 
It was enough rain for Cape Coral public works crews to get in their pickup trucks and drop cones on streets hit the worst.  Trudging through the puddles wasn't fun for walkers and caused cautious drivers to be more aware. "Look at all the cars, drive slowly. Puddles of water, stay away from them," said Wilber Hernandez. 
Earlier in the day Cape Coral Police volunteer units blocked drivers from using the submerged outside lane of Chiquita Boulevard near Southwest 38th street. These cones marked off stretches of the lane drivers couldn't use due to all the sitting water. Some drivers are ready for all the recent wet weather to go. "With the tornado's and everything, its crazy you know. I see the blizzards up north, I'd almost rather be dealing with that," said Bobby Atkisson. While others cant get enough. "I love it ! I'm from England ! this is normal for me."