Flight delays stack up at RSW

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jan 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-23 23:03:40-05

FORT MYERS, FLa.- The ripple effect from winter storm Jonas can be felt at airports all throughout the country including Southwest Florida International Airport.

There were about 10 cancellations to inbound and outbound flights from mostly northern cities and the hub city of Charlotte, which serves American Airlines.

Sisters Barb Waltz and Mona Bawgus were able to leave Atlantic City for Ft. Myers a day early to get ahead of the storm.

“We were supposed to leave today at 5:30, the weather  was getting so bad, so we switched it to Friday.”

Most airlines were waiving the change fee for passengers traveling to or from snowbound cities.  Barb & Mona said they left New Jersey right before the massive snowstorm moved through.

“They were delaying the flight a little bit each half an hour, so we were afraid it wasn’t going to make it, but we made it out.”

Not everyone was so fortunate.  The Florida Gulf Coast Women's basketball team was supposed to play a game against Lipscomb University in Nashville Saturday.  That game was postponed until Sunday because of the weather.

Several flights to from RSW to Newark, New York and Philadelphia are cancelled for Sunday morning.  Passengers are asked to call their airlines before heading to the airport.