Fight in high school classroom raises concerns over student supervision

Posted at 10:51 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-13 06:47:35-04
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A classroom fight at South Fort Myers High School is raising questions on student supervision.

The 40 second video obtained by Fox 4 news shows two unidentified female students fighting in a classroom while students watch.

The video begins with both girls on the ground, one hovering over the other, as the two students exchange blows. The fighting continues for 8 seconds before an adult steps in.

"Yo!, get that fool!" can be heard in the recording. As a male attempts to remove one student she can is heard saying "let me go."

Lee County School district officials say the two students have been disciplined inline with the Student Code of Conduct; which in regards to violence states "any student committing violent criminal acts will be subject to the most severe consequences, which include suspension and expulsion."

"The students wIll be dealt with severely. We don't tolerate violence in our schools," said Dr. Pete Bohatch, Director of Student Services, Lee County School District.

Bohatch added that he feels the district employees were quick to respond.

"If you look on the video staff was there quickly to deescalate the situation," said Dr. Bohatch.

The recorded fight comes at a time when South Fort Myers High School aims to improve student supervision and safety.

South Fort Myers High was rocked by scandal last school year when students who were supposed to be supervised, performed multiple sex acts in a school bathroom.

Dr. Bohatch says the district is doing all it can to prevent situations like the one caught on camera, and reserved some of the blame for students.

"Our schools are safe. There's safety plans at every school and staff is extremely visible and unfortunately youngsters are going to make bad decisions," said Dr. Bohatch.