FGCU holds vigil for Orlando shooting victims

Posted at 10:21 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 22:25:30-04

Florida Gulf Coast University held a vigil for the victims of the Orlando Shooting Tuesday night.

Students, faculty, and people of Fort Myers gathered to remember the lives lost and say a prayer for the people still recovering.

Each of the 49 victims' names were read one by one, with a candle lit in their honor.

"It's scary to think that we're bringing children into the world we are in right now," Ysa Pinero said.

"I still am heartbroken. I haven't stopped thinking about it, to be quite honest," Natasha Singh said.

"It was just a horror that this could happen," Dr. Delores Kiesler said.

Dr. Kiesler organized the vigil and is FGCU's Assistant Dean for Student Services. She said even though no students were killed in the Orlando shooting, they don't know if any of their students were injured.

Regardless, people like Ysa Pinero have personal ties to the tragedy. Her cousin knew six of the people killed in the Orlando shooting, and she knows one person who made it out of Pulse Night Club alive and uninjured after playing dead to hide from the shooter.

"They're I think still in a state of shock. They're recapping everything, and I think little by little, their memory is coming back," Pinero said.

After the vigil, FGCU offered counseling services for the people affected by the tragedy.