FGCU Basketball player removed from university following arrest

Posted at 12:01 AM, Mar 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-17 00:12:02-04

Florida Gulf Coast University basketball player, C.J Williamson,  has been removed from the university following a code of conduct hearing Thursday.

Courtney Williamsonbey, (his birth) was arrested on February 9th in connection to an on-campus car burglary that occurred on February 2nd. FGCU student Jordan Burke was also arrested. 

Williamsonbey says during a code of conduct hearing he was told he had until Sunday to leave the University and move out of his dorm. 

"I'm worried but I know it's not the end of my career, I gotta move on," said Williamsonbey. 

The 6'6" guard transferred to FGCU from Texas Tech and because of NCAA rules he could not play his first year. 

"I still have my practice jersey up over here, hoping I'll get back on the team, said Williamsonbey. "I had three more years here, three more years."  

He now has three days left at the university. He told Four In Your Corner he plans on returning home to Orlando, and will probably enroll in a junior college until he can work his way back to a Division 1 school. 

"I feel like I let them boys down," said Williamsonbey, referring to his teammates. 

Williamsonbey isn't the only player on the team who's had a run-in with the law. 

Last year, Reginald Reid and Rayjon Tucker were arrested for possession of marijuana. 

There's also standout player Brandon Goodwin who was accepted onto the team after facing a grand theft charge for an incident at the University of Central Florida. 

"They're all crimes, they all go against student code of conduct so how is mine different," said Williamsonbey. 

University Vice President Susan Evans says the university is prohibited from commenting on disciplinary and judicial matters involving students, including commenting on "why one student's case had a different outcome from another."

Williamsonbey believes it comes down to the politics of playing ball. 

"I'd say because they're probably playing and I'm sitting out," said Williamsonbey. 

Despite this unexpected detour he says he's grateful for the opportunity he was given.

"I just felt like this was home and I took it for granted, I guess," said Williamsonbey.