FDLE investigates voter election cyber security

Posted at 7:15 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 19:15:14-05
FORT MYERS, Fla. - FDLE confiscates one Southwest Florida man's cell phone and computer after being able to gain access into the Lee County Supervisor of Elections computer system.
David Levin, who works at Vanguard cyber security, says two weeks ago he was able to gain access to a server in the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office.
The server's technical name is "vote1776".
Elections supervisor Sharon Harrington says that server only housed historical data.
But two weeks after the server was accessed, Dan Sinclair who is opposing her for political office, did some following up over the weekend.
He says he got this message when he tried to access Lee County voter registration data.
It was an error message and he says once again it showed the same server "vote1776."
He says that doesn't make sense if the server was just storing historical data.
Sinclair says, "Clearly that link shows that the server was still being used. This looks very much like a cover up."
Harrington insists that no one used that server for anything other than historical data.
Since there is an FDLE investigation she said she would not make any more comments and would not allow her Information Technology team to comment either.
Sinclair says instead of being investigated, David Levin should be commended for revealing what Sinclair calls cyber security flaws, without compromising any of the info.
"Once he got in he didn't make any change, he didn't grab any information, he immediately got out," Sinclair points out.
In fact he says he and Levin contacted Harrington's office immediately and offered suggestions on how to improve the system.
Sinclair says, "For her to go back on a whistle blower like this, someone who was trying to be helpful and gave her the information and trying to ostracize him and send legal team after him is insane!"
But Harrington says no one's data was ever at risk.
And says it's Sinclar who's playing dirty politics.
Harrington says, "I thoroughly believe this was politically motivated to discredit my office and myself as a supervisor."