FBI finds potentially hazardous substance in Lehigh Acres home

Posted at 6:48 PM, Oct 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 07:09:57-04

LEHIGH ACRES -- The FBI conducted an authorized search, Sunday, at a home located in Lehigh Acres.

According to officials, a potentially hazardous substance was recovered during the search.

This is still an active investigation.

Below is the original statement from the FBI Tampa Division

"Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a search authorized by a federal magistrate judge at a home located in Lehigh Acres in Lee County. The FBI's Hazardous Material Response Unit recovered a potentially hazardous substance during the search. The substance is being sent to a lab for analysis. The HAZMAT team followed all protocols to ensure the safety of employees and the public. This is still an active investigation; no further details can be released." 

Several trucks could be seen surrounding the home on Gene Avenue North, off of 38th Street West. Neighbors told Fox 4 a family lives in the home, including children. They also said there has been police activity in the area over the last few weeks.

Other neighbors said they don't know who lives there, but the large scene and hearing the words hazardous material was alarming. "We are kind of secluded out here, and it's pretty scary because you don't know what's going on, you don't always know your neighbors, and especially with what's going on in the world right now it's very shocking," said a man who lives nearby. 

Officials on scene did assure that there is no danger to the public.