False Start: Newspaper muffs Super Bowl headline

Posted at 12:05 AM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 00:05:32-05

It was not the headline life long New England Patriots fan Frank Tivnan expected to see the day after New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51.

"I get out to the driveway to get my paper, and I pick this up, the Boston Globe, announcing the Patriots had lost."

Tivnan, said the headline reminded him of a smiling President Harry Truman, who's defeat in an election was erroneously reported by the Chicago Sun Times.
Like Truman, Tom Brady was all smiles by the end of the Super Bowl, but the Globe's headline showed the MVP crumbled to the turf in agony after throwing an interception return for a touchdown in the second quarter.
"This is such a rarity for a newspaper to make a mistake like this, that I knew it's something I had to keep, we're going to frame it," said Tivnan.
Tivnan's copy of the Globe was likely printed at the Naples Daily News, which has a contract with the Globe.  
The paper emails a template of what it wants on the cover, and the newspapers are distributed to snow birds around Southwest Florida.
"I went out to the store in North Ft. Myers, got a few more copies, gonna send it to some friends back in Massachusetts."
But there was a moment Sunday night were Tivnan thought this newspaper, now a collectors issue would actually be a fitting headline.
"I must admit at halftime, I was deflated, if you pardon the pun," said Tivnan.  "I had given up. My wife to her credit had not given up.  I thought it was hopeless, and so did the Globe, so we have that in common."