Fact-checking Trump's nomination speech

Posted at 6:52 AM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 07:15:39-04

CLEVELAND -- Donald Trump's nomination acceptance speech sure did fire up the crowd Thursday, but were all his claims true?

We're fact-checking Trump's acceptance speech with our partners at Politifact.  First up: his tax cut plans.

"While Hillary Clinton plans a massive tax increase, I have proposed the largest tax reduction of any candidate who has declared for the Presidential race this year -- Democrat or Republican."

Politifact says Trump's plans to cut taxes by more than 9 trillion dollars over 10 years is more than what has been proposed by Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.  Experts say Clinton does plan to raise taxes by a trillion dollars over the same period, but those tax hikes are focused almost entirely on one group: the super-rich, not on the majority of Americans.

Politifact is rating Trump's tax claims 'mostly true'.

Politifact is also checking Trump's claims that Clinton wants to take away your Constitutional right to own guns.

"My opponent wants to essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment."

Politifact says there is no evidence of Clinton ever saying that verbatim or suggesting she wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Although Clinton wants to enact stricter gun control, she has no objection to responsible gun ownership.

Politifact is rating Trump's 2nd Amendment claim 'false'.