EXCLUSIVE: Son of dismembered Cape Coral...

Posted at 7:24 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 19:24:32-05
A mysterious murder investigation continues in Cape Coral of 58 year old James Marshall.
Marshall was reported missing by family members last week, after he failed to show up for a work conference in California. 
Now, investigators suspect foul play in his death.
Meanwhile, Marshall's son, Matthew Marshall remains in Lee County Jail. He was busted for using his father's credit card, at a local bar, a day after his father was reported missing. 
As of right now, he hasn't been named a suspect in his father's death, but FOX 4 uncovered disturbing new details about him.
After extensive hours of research, FOX 4 found 33 year old Matthew Marshall has had a few run-ins with the law. During our lengthy investigation, we found details revealing Matthew Marshall's possible mental state and dark interests.
FOX 4 uncovered records showing Matthew Marshall was admitted into a mental health facility in Minnesota in 2008. He has been described as mentally ill and chemically dependent.
A few months later, he was arrested for disorderly conduct in the same state. 
FOX 4 also found Matthews Facebook page revealing disturbing details in his "about me" section. He lists death fights, sex videos, and savagery as a few of his hobbies. 
Matthew lived with his father, James Marshall, in a Cape Coral condo close to the Four Mile Cove Preserve.
Evelyn Jarvis lives in the neighborhood and read of one Matthew's lengthy public posts.
"it's scary to think he lived here," Jarvis said.
Matthew's public post reads: 
"Dislocating your knees & elbows, cutting open your lower gut & watching you lay there like fish."
Other dark comments are posted on his Facebook page.
Police aren't saying the 33 year old is tied to his father's murder, adding further details about the investigation will not be released to protect key information from the potential suspect.
This is an ongoing investigation. Check back for updates.