Ex coworker of Cape shooter speaks out

"He would be sweating, sometimes nodding off."
Posted at 8:38 PM, Jun 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 20:38:50-04

A former co-worker of a man accused of a deadly shooting spree in Cape Coral says the gunman may have been dealing with a drug addiction. 

Christopher Michael Moran, 31, was shot and killed by police Sunday evening after a violent shooting spree that left two dead and one injured. 

Moran's former co-worker Eddy Soto tells Fox 4 the father of one was a "good worker" but appeared to be on drugs. 

"It would be like 70 degrees in there and he would be sweating, sometimes nodding off. I got the impression from having friends and family that have been addicted to drugs that he was on heroin or opiate type of pills," said Eddy Soto. 

Cape Coral police have not yet released a motive in Sunday's shooting or whether Moran was under the influence.

His neighbor, who told police Moran pointed a shotgun to his head moments before he went on a shooting rampage, says the gunman seemed unstable. 

"He was either on drugs severely or he was severely unstable because he wasn't making any sense," said Flaker.

Fox 4 looked into Moran's past and found court documents that reveal strife between Moran and those close to him. 

In 2008, a petition was filed against Moran by a Mr. S Medoff for domestic violence.

The petition included an affidavit on the possession of firearms.  A lee county judge later dismissed the case.

Other documents revealed Moran filed a similar domestic violence petition against Mrs. M Medoff six years later. A judge denied Moran's petition. 

Moran has also had a few runins with the law, including a DUI conviction.

Soto described Moran as a man who loved his child, and girlfriend.

Revealing facts, that leaves some questioning why a father would risk it all.  "I told him, I said 'Chris I'm a father and a grandfather. You don't want to do this stuff," said Flaker.