Effects of ITT closure still being felt

Students can't transfer credits
Posted at 10:38 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 06:33:33-04

Students who formerly attended the now closed ITT technical institute in Ft. Myers are having a hard time finding a school that will take all or most of their credits.

"Growing up my mom was a nurse, and I've always liked helping people," said Tyler Harris, who was very close to completing his nursing degree before ITT closed.  "I had two more semesters, 4 more classes."

He tried transferring his nursing credits to other schools, before finally getting into Rasmussen College in Ft. Myers, they would only take his undergraduate credits, not courses earned toward his nursing degree.

"It's kind of disappointing, all that time wasted."

Most of Tyler's family is also feeling anguish from ITT shutting down, Tyler's sister and step-sister also attended ITT or ITT affiliated schools. 

Their dad is taking a financial hit because they're starting over.  "It's been very hard, I've got two kids here that I've been supporting," said Charles Hand.

Some of Tyler's friends chose to drive to a school in Sebring, two hours from his home in Ave Maria, where most of their credits would be honored.

Hand says he didn't expect all of his kids credits to transfer, but he believes higher ups in government knew ITT was in trouble, well before the students did.  "I really kind of feel let down by my state."

Tyler says he won't let this bump in the road derail pursuit of a nursing career. "Just trying to take it in stride, start the next program that I'm in."

Lorenzo Walker Technical Institute in Naples says it will accept some ITT credits on a case-by-case basis.

But Tyler says his nursing credits are no good at Lorenzo Walker.