Early voting numbers in Florida surge from 2012 election

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 18:27:03-04

Saturday is the last day for early voting, and Floridians are showing up at early voting locations in droves. In Collier County, election officials tell Fox 4 that about 60% of registered voters had already cast their ballots by Friday.

"We've got about 13,000 more who have voted early, than voted early in 2012," said Jennifer Edwards, Supervisor of Elections for Collier. "And about 5,000 more by mail."

Early voting locations like the one at North Collier Regional Park saw a steady stream of people showing up on Friday.

"It's important for people," said Carmine Biello, Jr., who voted Friday afternoon.  "Especially for those who work, and those who have other things going on."

While many like Biello find that early voting is convenient, many like waiting for the big event on Tuesday.

"We also have the die-hards who say 'I'm going to vote on Election Day, I always have, always will,'" said Edwards.

A spokeswoman with the Lee County Elections Office told Fox 4 that as of Friday, over 92,000 more voters took advantage of early voting than in 2012.