Eagle watchers wait for second eaglet to hatch

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 06:41:46-05

One egg down, one egg to go.  Harriet, M-15 and plenty of people across Southwest Florida are playing the waiting game for the second egg to hatch.

Harriet's first egg hatched over New Year's weekend.

"That was exciting, would've been nice to be here in person but that was the next best thing," said John Babbitt, a bird watcher from New York.  He came to Harriet's North Fort Myers nest with the goal to get pictures of the new eaglet.

He wasn't the only bird watcher who tried to get lucky with some photo magic.  "It was a constant flow of traffic in and out of here and most people are trying to take pictures with their iPhone," said Babbitt.

Several people did opt for more powerful cameras than smartphones.  But John says you need more than just a good lens to get a bird's eye view.  "Patience is everything. Sometimes I'll set for an hour at the nest waiting for that right pose," he said.

But the other egg is testing bird watching patience.  "I thought they would be closer together as far as hatching," said Babbitt.

Families came out to Dick Pritchett Real Estate along with the bird watchers. They were happy to enjoy some of the other animals, like horses, that were there while they waited for action to happen at the nest.  "Most of the time, when we come down here we stop and take a look at the eagles and horses," said A.J. Minore, who came with his parents and younger brother.

Heather Minore can relate to Harriet's maternal instincts.  "It is really cool that Harriet's husband helps us out and feeds. My husband does the same exact things. I prefer sushi, she prefers the raw fish, but you know it works," she said.