Dunbar community voices concern about condition of schools

Posted at 4:51 PM, Feb 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-19 16:51:45-05

Members of the Dunbar community came together Saturday to voice their concerns about the schools in the area as part of their "Coming Together for Our Schools and Community" event.

The event took place during black history month, as members shared some of their biggest pains.

"It's important we stop all the violence and crime," one attendee said.

"Our schools have been neglected," Shirley Sibert, who grew up and still lives in Dunbar, said.

Sibert organized the event and said Franklin Park Elementary is in desperate need of repairs.

"The bathroom and the kitchen is the same that it was when I went there 60 years ago," Sibert said.

She said she's been to the Lee County School Board meetings multiple times to voice her concerns.

Four in Your Corner has reached out to the Lee County School District about this, and will be following up with the community's concerns.

Sibert also touched o the topic of the show "Cops" coming to the City of Palms.

"I hear they're saying they are going to bring 'bad boys, bad boys,' but Mr. Chief Diggs, you need to clean up your house first. Clean up the bad cops. God knows there's good cops," Sibert said.

"They're only going to show the bad part of Fort Myers, not the good parts," Alicia Benjamin, who lives in Dunbar, said.