Donald Trump spices up Cinco de Mayo

Posted at 11:12 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 07:08:05-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted out a picture that stirred up social media on Cinco de Mayo. It shows him eating a taco bowl on the holiday.

He claims the best Tex Mex can be found in Trump Tower. The Donald also mentioned he loved Hispanics too.

It took off on social media, with celebrities weighed in by mocking the post. Others challenged Trump on whether Trump Tower is really home to the best. Southwest Florida weighed in on the debate.

"Well first of all, I'll have you know that Donald Trump has never been to Iguana Mia," said Ricky Rambissoon, one of Iguana Mia's managers.

Other local restaurants also threw their name into the conversation about who has the best taco bowl. "Of course El Tarasco is the best (laughing)," said Florencio Jimenez, one of El Tarasco's owners.

Some of El Tarasco's patrons giving their thoughts on where trump should go for some Mexican food. "I think it is down in Juarez. That's where Mr. Trump should go," said Bob Jessen, during his dinner at El Tarasco.

"No I've never had a taco bowl at trump tower, but I would imagine this being more authentic. Perhaps that's a little more upscale," said Lucienne Jessen.

Some people on social media were taken a back by Trump's line about how he loved Hispanics, considering his tough talk on immigration.

"He certainly can't afford to dislike all Hispanics if he wants to win the presidency," said Mrs. Jessen.

"It's a small world, it's a small place. unity is everything. Food, friends, family, and love," said Rambissoon.

Trump's campaign for president might be stressful for him. So Mrs. Jessen has some advice.

"Several margaritas certainly will help him get through it all," said Mrs. Jessen.

Southwest Florida Mexican restaurants aren't the only ones who claim to have the best taco bowls. Chipotle even tweeted Trump. Many political experts see the tweet as his attempt to reach out to Hispanic Americans.