Dirt road dangers in Collier

Residents want road paved
Posted at 10:30 PM, Sep 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-13 07:32:30-04

Dozens of residents living on Sunnygrove Road in eastern Collier County say the dirt road is so poorly maintained, the mailman, fireman even the pizza delivery guy can't drive down it.

"Roughest road in Collier County," said longtime resident Robert Snyder. "It's like country living, but being near the city."

And lately living out there has come with a price. Snyder says his vehicle gets dinged and dented every time he drives through the pock-marked road, located off 6L Farm Road.

"Three grand seems to be the magic number every time I take one in, and it's generally something related because this road is just knockin' em silly."

It's not just vehicles that are suffering from what some say are impassable conditions.  "The fire department couldn't get down the road because of the deplorable conditions, so they parked on Sunnygrove and had to walk to my house to get my wife," said Ed Lewis.

His wife is OK, but Lewis and Snyder want county officials to rescue them by paving the road.

But an official with the county manager's office says Sunnygrove residents must form their own taxing district, and come up with $300,000 to foot the bill.

Snyder wants to know why the money they already pay in taxes won't pay for it.

"We've seen nothing, we pay taxes just like everybody else, just like everybody else, but we see nothing coming back."

Lewis thinks if Sunnygrove were in a more affluent area, the job would already be done.

"We are basically the hole in the donuts and the forgotten lands out here."