Diana Alvarez' family getting few answers in investigation

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 21:59:18-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The family of a missing 9-year-old girl said they are getting few answers regarding the investigation, Friday.

Diana's mother, Rita Hernandez, and stepfather, Uribe Jimenez, have spent the last two weeks pleading for tips that could lead them to their little girl. Diana Alvarez went missing in the early morning hours of May 29. Police issued an amber alert on Thursday, June 2, identifying 28-year-old Jorge Guerrero-Torres as a person of interest in the case. Investigators have been scouring all over Florida looking for the girl since she disappeared, but family told Fox 4 that they don't know where the investigation stands at this point, and that they get most of their information from the media. "We've been kept in the dark about a lot of things," said Diana's cousin Nancy Martinez. "We would just like a little bit more cooperation from law enforcement at this point."

Police arrested Guerrero-Torres over the weekend in Okeechobee. He was transferred to Lee County earlier in the week, where he was charged with possessing child pornography. The family wanted to go to his court appearance, but were not able to attend because they were not notified. "As the family, I feel like we are owed at least that much..not to find everything through social media," said Martinez.

Court documents revealed that investigators tracked Guerrero-Torres' phone around Diana's home during the time of her disappearance last Sunday. They found graphic photos of a child on the phone. It is unknown if that child is Diana at this time.

Fox 4 reached out to Lee County Sheriff's Office to find out why investigators are not communicating with the family. They have not yet answered our questions.

In the meantime, Diana's family will not give up hope that she is alive. They believe Guerrero-Torres may have handed Diana off to someone else. "This is very hard for me, but I am fighting," said Uribe Jimenez. "And I will continue fighitng until the end. I will not stop until I get answers regarding my daughter."