Defense attorney to represent himself in court Monday

Posted at 7:45 AM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 18:48:02-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A prominent Southwest Florida defense attorney is expected to be in court Wednesday morning, but he won't be defending any clients -- he'll be defending himself.

David Brener, who's used to defending clients of his own in some pretty high profile cases, now might be the one looking for someone to represent him inside the Lee County Courthouse.

Brener was charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and battery on Tuesday by the Lee County Sheriffs Office. 

In a report, Brener's wife says they were having some beers during the early morning hours of Saturday when David started becoming aggressive toward her and asking her about her past. He continued to slap and punch her in the face before duct taping her feet and hands together, along with duct taping her mouth shut. Unable to move on the floor, David continued to beat his wife in the face, even urinating on her. 

But this isn't the first time Brener's sat inside of a jail cell.  4 years ago, the defense attorney was arrested for domestic violence and battery.

Over the years, Brenner's represented clients in some high profile cases here in the Lee County Courthouse.  In 2006 he defended two members of the rap group 'Cash Feenz' after they brutally murdered 14-year-old Jeffry Sosa and his 18-year-old uncle Alexis Sosa.

In 2013 he represented Robert Dunn, the man sentenced to life in prison after he stormed into a Cape Coral daycare and shot his wife to death.

And this year he defended a former Cape Coral cop charged with sexual assault after the officer had sex with a 16 year old girl.