Dating site for Trump supporters takes off

Website wants to "Make Dating Great Again"
Posted at 10:45 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 06:41:23-04

While there may not be that many choices for president, there are a lot of options for online dating.                

Now there is another choice for Trump supporters called

"To date someone with a different political opinion would be difficult I think," said Steve MacDonald of Naples. It works like most dating sites, you sign up and can search for singles in your area that want to "Make America Great Again," as the GOP nominee likes to say.

"Actually I told my current boyfriend that if he votes for Hillary, we aren't going to continue dating, so I'll just look this little website up I guess," said Carrie Heminger.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some are willing to look past their partner's political beliefs.

"The person that I meet, they don't really worry about that, they're ok with any political group that I choose," said Shwendr Lovince.

But Heminger says if her date isn't on board with Trump, then he's not boyfriend material.

"It would completely be a deal breaker, in fact I would open the car door up for you and let you get out."

A dating website for Hillary Clinton supporters doesn't exist, but there is a site launching called for those who want to move to Canada if their favorite candidate doesn't win the presidential election.