Dangling cable wires worries Ft. Myers woman

Posted at 9:40 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 23:29:00-04
Barbara Caron's cable service isn't great due to a recent outage, but she's more concerned about her safety.
"This just dangerous, I could fall over this right now."
She's talking about caution tape surrounding some wires behind her Peck Avenue home, right next to a tangled mess of lines.
"So here is the expanse, it goes through two phone poles."
A temporary fix to a problem which started about a month ago when a transformer blew behind her home, and down came the wires.
"I was cutting trees the other day not realizing that it meandered through mine, so that could have been a problem."
She got on the phone with Comcast, and literally took a journey around the world.
"I think the call centers are throughout different countries, last night I spoke with a nice man from Mexico."
It was a man from Ft. Myers who may have saved the day, the Comcast worker was at a neighbors house, but when he heard about Caron's problem he emailed his boss and regional vice president.
Caron is hoping someone from the cable giant will take her seriously.
"I would just like to know that no one is in any danger, and aesthetically, either lift it or bury it."
Comcast says it might take another couple days to fix the line.
We're still waiting to hear from a Comcast manager, on exactly when the work will be done.