Cyclists without helmets cited

Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 11:05:16-04
Cape Coral Police is cracking down on teen cyclists who aren't obeying the law. 
Cape Coral's Traffic Enforcement department will be conducting a series of bike safety enforcement checkpoints to educated cyclists, and enforce the helmet law. 
"It is a law and we're here in Cape Coral trying to make sure everyone is safe," said Sergeant Jon Kulko, Cape Coral Police.
Sgt. Kulko and his traffic enforcement team conducted a bike safety enforcement along Santa Barbara Blvd on Monday.
The goal was to teach riders about the law, but Sgt. Kulko says many cyclists are simply ignoring the rules. 
"They're very aware of the rule," said Sgt. Kulko. "They don't like to wear them because they're hot, or 'I forgot, or they're not cool.' We always get those excuses," said Sgt. Kulko.
Whether your child finds it cool or not, if they're under 16 a helmet is required under Florida law. It's also the best protection against a traumatic brain injury. 
"A head injury really causes a lot of damage and it's permanent damage and we're trying to help the kids avoid permanent damage," said Sgt. Kulko. 
Cape Coral Police has planned six more bike safety enforcement operations for next month to make sure that even little drivers follow the rules of the road.   

"Follow all the traffic rules; wear your helmet; make sure you don't take the brakes off your bike, of course, and if you're riding at night please have a light on the front and back," said Sgt. Kulko. 

The next bike safety enforcement initiatives are listed below:

2 Apr 16  -  1900-2300 hours  -  Cape Coral Pkwy Corridor.

4 Apr 16  -  0630-1030 hours  -  Cape Coral City Schools (Trafalgar/Challenger)

9 Apr 16  -  0800-1200 hours  -  Cape Coral City Bicycle Routes

11 Apr 16  -  1200-1600 hours  - Santa Barbara Blvd Corridor

16 Apr 16  -  0800-1200 hours  -  Cape Coral City Bicycle Routes
22 Apr 16  -  1900-2300 hours  -  Del Prado Blvd Corridor