Cyclists call Collier roadway deadly

Cyclists want bike paths on County Road 92
Posted at 10:34 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 22:54:37-04

After a few close calls, east Collier County residents are asking the county to put bike paths on County Road 92.

They say the roadway is busy with bikers in the morning, and that traffic will increase during season.

"I've been cycling for over 50 years, I started back in 1954 in L.A., back then, they might throw a coke at you," said Goodland resident Dennis Schneider.
He says the hazards on County Road 92 are sometimes worse than Southern California freeways.
"What happened there just now is that the first car gave me plenty of space, but the cars behind him, that were following too close, were right over on the white line."
He says a sliver of roadway is sometimes the only thing separating him from a ton of speeding metal.
"If at that very moment, they guy was looking down at his cell phone, or tuning into his radio station, I would have been meat, i would have been roadkill."
It's why Dennis, and others are lobbying the county to build bike paths on this 6 mike stretch of road that links Marco Island to Tamiami Trail.
"I myself have had close calls with bikes numerous times, more times than I can count on both hands," said Robert Snyder, who commutes to Marco Island each day on this road.
He says it's also on the cyclists to share the road.
"You want to wonder do they know what kind of danger they are putting themselves in everyday, driving down this road, when they don't yield to the vehicles."
Schneider agrees it's a two way street and his fellow cyclists need to be just as cautious as drivers, but bike paths may not solve people's attitudes.
"The attitude toward cyclists was never good in this country, but it seems over time the laws have made it nothing more than a yield right of way misdemeanor." 
We asked county leaders if they will be putting a bike path on County Road 92, but did not hear back from them.
The Naples Pathways Coalition is working on its own to get those bike paths put in.