Crash highlights dangers at Cape Coral intersection

Posted at 1:43 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 06:24:52-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- The chorus of complaints is getting louder in Cape Coral as neighbors call for changes to what they consider a dangerous intersection.

Yet another crash happened Wednesday afternoon near the corner of Pine Island Road and Hibiscus Drive, in front of the new Walmart Neighborhood Market.  The crash involved a truck towing a boat on a trailer that appears to have been hit on the side by a car driving through the middle of the intersection, seriously injuring one person and sending the boat tumbling onto the roadway.

People say that intersection is in desperate need of a traffic light. And for months, they've been calling on the state to install one.

"I definitely would not cross that intersection," said nearby driver Robert Andersen. 

Cape Coral PD has responded to 10 accidents in the past 6 months near the intersection. 

Fox 4 reached out to FDOT in September and a spokesman said they wanted to wait until season conduct a traffic study so they could record the maximum amount of drivers in the area.

Since September, FDOT has made changes about half a mile down the road at NE 24th Avenue. The goal was to ease traffic at that intersection as well as outside the Walmart. However, drivers said that's not happening. 

"But I hate to see another traffic light. There's a lot of traffic lights along Pine Island as there is, but they probably need to do something. There's been a lot of accidents between this half mile here," said driver Dave Weiss. 

Fox 4 reached out to FDOT again on Wednesday to find out where the traffic study stands. We are told Walmart has agreed to pay for the study to find out if a signal is need and if so, what kind. 

Drivers may notice tube counters on the roadways near the intersection for the next few weeks. FDOT said this is to count the cars that drive through to get a better reading. Depending on the results, further tests may be conducted before a solution is determined.