Country club worker saves golfer after heart attack

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. -- A golfer who almost died after a round of golf thanked the man who saved his life. 

The Worthington Country Club employee says he saw the man on his back and knew he had to help. "I saw him laying flat on his back, blood coming from the back of his head, no vitals," said Andy Cox, who has worked at the Worthington Country Club in Bonita Springs for the past nineteen years.

Cox's adrenaline kicking in after seeing Bill Malcolm lying on death's door in the clubhouse locker room last month.

"He started CPR and it didn't seem to work so he got the AED and zapped me a total of four times," said Bill Malcolm, who has been a member of the club for more than a decade.

Andy's determination got Bill's heart beating again, but it was Bill's 'thank you' after he was released from the hospital that made Andy's heart skip a beat.  "I walked in and he was sitting there in his chair and I was like don't get up," said Andy.

"I said, 'I have to stand for my hero,'" said Bill.

But on Thursday, hundreds of people stood up for the hero in the middle of the ballroom in the country club. 

Andy was handed a plaque by the fire chief and shook hands with the mayor. But he says being able to sit next to Bill is the best prize of all.

"They still have him. They had him for Christmas. He was with his family they have him now. That's my thanks that he's there," said Andy.

Bill says he is thankful Andy was there in his time of need. Bill says he is used to being on the other end of CPR after years volunteering with fire departments. Both men hope their story gets others motivated to save lives.

"I'm living proof that it works," said Bill.

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