Young sisters in Naples make funny movie while stuck at home amid the pandemic

Sisters make funny home movie amid pandemic in Naples
Posted at 8:58 AM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 08:58:11-04

NAPLES, Fla. — While stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, two sisters in Naples are finding a creative way to pass time.

Rosalia Podolak says her young daughters decided to make a movie, last Friday.

The 3-minute production shows the adventures of a young girl, an Easter candy fairy, and Black Feather, the evil villain.

Fox 4 found the movie posted to the mom's Facebook and reach out to the family.

Giulianna, 12, and Zoe, 7, say they've enjoyed everyone's reaction to their movie.

"People have loved it, absolutely," said Giulianna.

"After our dad watched it he was just laughing. It was just so funny. I love the whole movie. It was just so funny," added Zoe.

The sisters called the movie, "Just a dream or is it?".

"My favorite part was adding the effects, especially to the part where it zooms into Black Feather's face and he goes I took her," said Giulianna.

Rosalia says they came up with the story, acted out multiple parts, added effects, and edited the final product. After, the mom decided to show off their work by posting the movie on her Facebook.

Giulianna and Zoe say they're already thinking about making a second movie. As a hint, they tell us it involves a gypsy and magic crystal ball.

You can watch their full movie attached below or by clicking here.

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