Tutors say more students need help amid pandemic

Companies experiencing in-person tutor shortage
Posted at 7:23 AM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 07:23:30-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla – A Florida-based tutoring company said more kids are turning to them for help during the pandemic, and it's primarily been those who are learning from home.

Miles Smart Tutoring said it has to do with what teachers refer to as Simultaneous Teaching.

You may recall, this is an issue Fox 4 Morning News covered in-depth when schools were set to reopen. Educators had expressed some real concerns about teaching in-person and distanced learners at the same time, and anticipated it would negatively impact everyone.

Miles Smart Tutoring, which is based in Florida and has tutors in the Fort Myers area, said that's what it's seeing currently.

“Some of them are going in-person, some of them are going online. When there is that mix, it's very difficult to transform the media, if you will, between teachers who are doing multiple things at the same time, students who are at home, and students who are going in-person. So between all those complications, it can be very difficult to address every student. And so as a direct result, they're needing more assistance within subjects,” explained Perry Miles, CEO and Founder of Miles Smart Tutoring.

He said they're seeing both in-person and distanced learners coming in for help, but that in-person learners seem to be having fewer problems.

That's why parents with distanced learners are turning to tutors.

But this is leading to another problem. Miles said there's a huge demand for in-person tutoring, but a much smaller supply of tutors who feel comfortable doing so because of COVID.

“There is a huge demand for in-person tutoring, but there is a much smaller supply of it. If tutors are willing and able to do this, and do not feel uncomfortable with going to a person's house, or meeting in public, wearing a mask, taking all the necessary precautions, there are opportunities out there,” he said.

Miles hopes that demand can help people rebound from the pandemic in Southwest Florida. Right now, he said the company is looking for tutors, teachers and other professionals who want to make additional income. If you meet the qualifications, you can learn more about the part-time employment opportunities on our job board.

Meanwhile, he said his company is also doing a lot of virtual tutoring right now. Those who are tutoring in-person have a few ways they're working to make it safe. He said in addition to things like wearing a mask and social distancing, they might choose to meet somewhere outside, like a coffee shop, rather than tutoring inside a student's home.