Tenant receives eviction notices during ban

Posted at 7:16 PM, Sep 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 19:21:35-04

NAPLES, Fla. — Despite Governor Ron DeSantis’s extension on the eviction ban announced Monday, some tenants are still getting notices to vacate.

Jared Lawson is a carpenter by trade, but all of that was taken away when he lost his job in February. Getting laid off caused him to fall behind on rent by more than $2200, and subsequently receive two eviction notices a few weeks ago.

“I could understand if this was not a world wide pandemic and I wouldn’t even be reaching out. I would be sucking it up,” said Lawson.

Landlords are now able to start the eviction process, but the final action can’t happen until the ban is completely lifted.

Some good news came for Lawson at the end of April, when he found a new job. But, earning $15/hour wasn’t not enough to climb out of the negative.

“I’ve got to play catch-up, and I’ve still got to eat,” he said.

Lawson worked out an agreement with his property manager to pay a couple hundred extra bucks a month, but with daily late fees adding up to hundreds of dollars, he finds it nearly impossible to pay it all off.

“It’s an unreasonable amount. You know I can’t come up with this,” he said. “To throw me out because of fees, and to say I haven’t been attempting or even trying to do anything? That’s not right.”

Lawson's property manager David Huprich of Current Property Management shared how they can help out.

“I’ve told Jared numerous times if he pays his balance that he owes, I’m sure that the owners would be willing to waive all of his late fees,” he said.

Huprich added he understands it’s a tough time for the tenant and the property owner, but his hands are tied.

“Jared’s a good guy, and I know he has been doing his best to get on his feet and catch up. But you know, again, it’s difficult,” he said.

A local attorney told Fox 4 if Lawson doesn't come up with that money by October 1st, the property management will have to issue a new eviction notice because the previous ones won't hold up until then.