Suspensions following increase in Coronavirus cases at FGCU

Posted at 7:45 AM, Sep 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-25 07:48:45-04

FORT MYERS, Fla -- Florida Gulf Coast University reported 15 new Coronavirus cases Thursday. This, along with reports of parties and gatherings, has led to disciplinary action against multiple fraternities, a sorority, and individual students.

The university has reported just under 100 cases of the virus, since the semester began last month.

The number of campus-related cases started increasing last week, which you can see in this graph:

The university believes the increase correlates with the timeframe of Labor Day weekend and how long it takes to get test results back. We checked and 76 of the total cases have been reported since the holiday.

The university also said it's received reports of off-campus parties and gatherings, which it's been working to follow up on to hold organizations and students accountable. It's since suspended the Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi fraternities for the rest of the semester. The Delta Delta Delta sorority has also been placed on immediate interim suspension, and will now go through the conduct process. In addition, a small number of individual students have been placed on disciplinary probation, and the university says additional cases are in the conduct process at this time. Suspended students will not be able to take classes for a full academic year.

"We are living through an unprecedented, deadly global pandemic. To keep everyone living, everyone must do their part, which includes making sacrifices," said FGCU President Mike Martin.

You may recall on Monday, the university started requiring students to show proof that they've been cleared by a daily health screening app to be allowed on campus.

It made the change because student-participation was low, and the information is crucial when it comes to identifying sick or exposed students, getting them the care they need, and reducing spread of the virus.

Over the last few days, the university said it's seen an increase in usage by approximately 1,000 more students each day. It said that number still needs to improve. It'll continue to require students to prove they've been cleared, to be allowed on campus.