Rising COVID patient hospitalizations confirms pandemic continues among the unvaccinated

Posted at 3:36 PM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-21 15:36:42-04

NAPLES, Fla. — NCH Healthcare System has seen a drastic rise in COVID hospitalizations due to those unvaccinated. 92 percent of current NCH inpatients were admitted unvaccinated.

As of Monday, July 19, NCH had 50 COVID patients between its two hospitals. Of those hospitalized with the coronavirus, only four were vaccinated with a break-through case of illness.

Patients who have not received the vaccine were experiencing more severe symptoms than their vaccinated counterparts. The age of those hospitalized has also skewed younger as the virus continues to impact more of those under 65 years of age, which is in keeping with national data showing lower vaccination rates in the younger populations. Just like the flu vaccine, the COVID-19 vaccine does not have 100 percent effectiveness but has been proven to prevent more serious symptoms and conditions.

In an effort to better safeguard staff, patients, and visitors as a result of the recent rise in COVID cases, NCH has updated its visitor policy to allow only one visitor per patient until further notice. Visitation hours remain unchanged (9am to 6pm daily) and masks remain a requirement for all those who enter an NCH facility.

NCH Healthcare System reminds the community to continue to be diligent in preventing the spread of COVID-19. NCH Healthcare System encourages the SWFL community to get vaccinated. And, if not vaccinated please remember to wear a mask, physically distance and continue to be diligent in washing your hands.

“The rise in COVID hospitalizations locally is concerning,” said Paul Hiltz, President and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System. “This uptick in cases over a rather short period of time should be a warning to us that this has become an unvaccinated pandemic and we must continue to be diligent, share facts and encourage the healthcare community to stand united. We encourage our neighbors to get vaccinated, and if they choose not to, we strongly urge them to wear a mask and be diligent to protect themselves and others against the virus.”

In addition to getting the vaccine, masking, physical distancing, and handwashing remain ways the community can safely curb the spread of this pandemic.

To receive a free COVID-19 vaccine, please visit the NCH website at to schedule an appointment.