Recommendations from the CDC to protect kids from COVID-19

Posted at 6:10 AM, Apr 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-06 06:10:18-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla – Two Collier County babies are fighting off the coronavirus.

Despite cases of kids and babies across the nation getting sick with COVID-19, the CDC said they're still not considered highly at-risk for the virus.

Still, the cases we've seen are enough to make any parent have questions and concerns.

The CDC said you can best protect your kids by doing the following.

Teach kids to do the same things adults are encouraged to do to stop the spread. This includes washing their hands, avoiding those who are sick, and cleaning high-touch surfaces daily.

Parents should also include washable plush toys in their laundry routine. Use the warmest appropriate water setting for these toys and be sure they're completely dry before giving back to kids to play with.

Though kids aren't going to school, social distancing is extremely important. The CDC said your kids should not have in-person playdates with kids from other households. Instead, it's recommended that you supervise a phone call or video chat with their friends.

If you're letting your kids get a little fresh air and they're playing outside of your home, make sure they keep a social distance of 6 feet from anyone who is not in their own household.

The CDC says there's still a lot to be learned about how COVID-19 impacts kids. So, it's important to follow all of these recommendations to protect them and others.