Prescriptions delayed at one Publix pharmacy due to COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Posted at 7:57 PM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 19:57:12-05

CAPE CORAL — We’re hearing concerns about how the COVID-19 vaccine distribution is affecting Publix pharmacies.

At one store in Cape Coral, it caused delays in getting prescriptions filled, and one woman tells us she almost ended up in the hospital.

We reached out to Publix, and the company responded, calling the backup at the store at 1631 Del Prado Blvd. S "an isolated incident", but it’s an experience that has Michele Finley worried about getting her medications in the future.

Finley has Multiple Sclerosis, and takes three different medications on a daily basis, but when she called Publix to get a refill on Monday, she got a shock.

"She said you have to wait until the next day after two o’clock to pick them up, and I said but why? Because some of these are time-sensitive, and she said because of the COVID-19 distribution of the vaccine," said Finley.

Finley ended up having to wait more than 30 hours to get her prescription filled. We asked her what would have happened if it had been any longer.

"I wouldn’t have had that prescription the next day, and I would have been probably in the hospital, because I can’t go without that prescription. That’s how important it is," said Finley.

Publix said the backup due to the vaccine distribution has been "addressed accordingly", but Finley tells us, she’s not the only one who has had issues.

"My sister, she said that she got a prescription, and she needed, they could not fill it. So she wanted it transferred to another pharmacy, and they said it would take 48 hours just for the transfer," said Finley.

Even though Publix said it now has the situation handled, Finley is urging people who rely on medications to be prepared.

"Call in your medication early if you can. Talk to your pharmacy," said Finley.

Publix has only been offering vaccine distributions for two weeks in the State of Florida. The company said it appreciated us bringing this to its attention as it works to better serve its customers.