Poll worker expresses voting concerns amidst new CDC COVID-19 regulations

Polling concerns for primary presidential election
Posted at 12:16 AM, Mar 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-17 00:16:17-04

The state of Florida is gearing up for Presidential Primary elections, but with the rising concerns of the coronavirus many people fear there may be a low voter turn out.

Several states around the country have postponed tomorrow's primary election in hopes to limit the spread of COVID-19,

Florida has not, and some people are wondering why.

Laurie Price, a poll worker, reached out to Fox 4 with health concerns regarding the election.

“Not only am I touching their drivers license, everybody else who’s asked them for an ID has also touched their driver's license...its just a good way to spread germs,” said Price.

Lee and Collier County say hundreds of polling volunteers have dropped out.

“Some of those polling places are working short, and they are working two to three people less than they normally would, ” said Trish Robertson of the Collier County Board of Elections.

Price worries the voter turnout may be lower than ever.

“Is everyone going to stay back because their afraid?”

The Collier County Board of elections does not expect to see super large crowds, because of alternate options such as early voting and mail-in voting.

“We are not going to see the same amount of traffic as other states might see if they only have election day as voting, ” said Robertson.

Voters are encouraged to bring hygiene items to the polling locations.

“You are also allowed to bring mask, gloves, and make sure you stay your distance from other voters, ” said Robertson.

Polls open Tuesday from 7am to 7pm.

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