People coming from New York are now being screened at RSW. Hear what they had to say about it

People coming from New York are now being screened at RSW. We spoke to people who went through it
Posted at 7:09 PM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 19:09:11-04

LEE COUNTY — Workers from the Florida Health Department are now stationed outside gates at Southwest Florida International Airport.

They’re screening passengers as they get off flights from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and while those travelers may be coming to Florida, it’s not going to be much of a vacation.

Not only do they have to be screened when they land, they also have to quarantine themselves for two weeks.

The inside of RSW looked like a hospital ward Thursday, with many people wearing protective gear to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus.

“We came protected. We brought our own mask and our own gloves when we knew we were coming," said Ivette Roman, who flew in from New York with her husband Angel.

The Romans caught one of the only flights from New York to Southwest Florida Thursday, but their trip may not work out like they hoped.

“We’re supposed to stay for 26 days, but I think we’re going to cut it early you know," said Angel Roman.

Like all travelers from New York, the Romans were greeted by health workers when they got off the plane.

“You have to make it fill out some papers. Application and everything. We’re supposed to stay away. Quarantine for 14 days," said Angel Roman.

Kayla Graceffa and Stephen Baruch were on the same Jet Blue flight from New york.

“We had to fill out paperwork with all of our information and such," said Graceffa.

The two said they’re ready to quarantine.

“We’re just going to clean up a house that we have down here that we rent out," said Baruch.

The Romans said, while they had to cancel their trip to Orlando, they’ll make the best of their time here.

“My daughter has a front yard, and my grandson is there. I can help him with his algebra," said Ivette Roman.

One of the things all of the travelers we spoke with are worried about is that more flights back to New York could get canceled. So they’re all going to be monitoring their return trips closely.