Locals react after Governor Ron DeSantis issues a Safer-At-Home Order for all Florida residents

Posted at 2:27 AM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 15:39:16-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Governor DeSantis issued a statewide "Safer-At-Home" Order for Florida residents after much pressure. The "Safer-At-Home" order begins Thursday at midnight lasting until April 30th.

As you can imagine that sent many of us straight to the stores, not knowing that's next, but preparing just in case.

One Cape Coral resident shopping in at Publix says after hearing the news he is not panicking.

“I would hope people aren’t panicking. It’s definitely something to be concerned about, but I think we really need to be more cognizant of the facts that are out there”, said Ronald Prabucki.

Prabucki says he and his family are making changes. “We’re doing a lot more food prep and eating in, where as we typically eat out three or four times a week, so were eating in but I still would like to support the local businesses”, said Prabucki.

One man ordering take out at Olive Garden says he wants to do the same. “You have to go out and I want to support the local economy as well, as long as though I feel it’s safe and the food is safe”, said Ronald Uesnza.

A shopper who works for Insta-Cart, supplying groceries for those who don’t want to leave home says, it’s been a mad house inside stores.

The stores are just getting stuff back in now from earlier today when I was in here doing a customers order, we had plenty of fruits and vegetables, literally the shelves are empty”, said Nema Derosette.

Adding as someone who works in the industry and a mother of five, she wants shoppers to be courteous.

“Take what you need not what you don’t need, leaving something for your neighbor. Everybody needs to look out for everybody else, just because you may not know that person you also need to protect them as well from the people who are maybe in pure panic”, said Derosette.