Local epidemiologist weighs in to discuss Floridas new record of more than 250,000 total cases

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jul 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-12 22:56:01-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Coronavirus cases continue to surge. As the State of Florida reached over 250,000 cases. One epidemiologist says COVID 19 has not finished its course.

“We’re a long ways from that I’m afraid and it could go a lot higher, so it’s a very serious situation,” said James Koopman, Epidemiologist. , University of Michigan.

Koopman says transmission rates will continue to increase.

“Airborne is a major issue and indoor, large groups are what’s going to keep the spread going on,” said Koopman.

Not only did Florida hit a record of a quarter of a million cases, but Disney World also reopened its doors. Koopman says, in order to reopen the economy, we have to control transmission.

“We are so so far from getting transmission under control. We are going to accelerate the transmission, we have so much infection already there to spread” said Koopman.

Koopman predicts the second wave of Coronavirus might come as a shock in the midst of Flu season.

“Rather than being part of a second wave of Coronavirus, we could still be in the first wave when we hit the flu season, and every indication is that transmission of the Coronavirus is going to go up as well,” said Koopman.

Koopman tells right now he has doubts about a possible vaccine, but he believes there is one way everyone can do their part to combat the spread of COVID 19.

“ I think the mask mandates are the most reasonable and safest and quickest thing that we can do, and we need a community sense of we’re all doing this. We’re all protecting each other, we’re all in this together and you can express that feeling by wearing a mask” said Koopman.