Lee Health added 76 new COVID-19 hospital admissions yesterday

 Lee Health
Posted at 10:06 AM, Aug 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-27 10:06:02-04

Lee Health says their offices are overwhelmed and their staff is tired, but it is their mission to keep people healthy. They are grateful for everyone in the Southwest Florida community who is making personal sacrifices to combat this pandemic.

Lee Health currently has 636 COVID-19 patients isolated in their hospitals (inpatient) as of August 27, 2021.

Of those patients, 13 of them are being treated at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

Yesterday, they had 76 new COVID-19 hospital admissions and 90 COVID-19 discharges.

  • Currently, 49% of their ventilators and 8% of their ICU rooms are available for use. They have 91 COVID-19 patients on ventilators and 116 in the intensive care unit.
  • The current census is at 98% of staffed operational bed capacity.

Since the start of the pandemic, they have lost 879 patients inside their hospitals to COVID-19, including 9 yesterday.

From Lee Health, managing this pandemic is a true community-wide effort, and there is more that goes into keeping our community safe and healthy than just providing care in the hospital. Lee Health works daily with EMS and local police and fire departments to ensure the safety of everyone in our community. COVID-19 has overwhelmed these agencies as well, and we are thankful for their support throughout the entire pandemic.