Governor Ron DeSantis announces distance learning for the rest of the school year

Schools continue distance learning for the rest of the school year
Posted at 12:49 AM, Apr 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 00:49:03-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla — Governor Ron DeSantis has officially announced distance learning will continue through the end of the school year for all schools across Florida.

While this may have been the best decision, some teachers and students are extremely disappointed.

The Lee County School district tells Fox 4 that the safety of their students is their biggest priority.

Lee County’s Teacher of the Year, Samantha Hower says the continuation of distance learning was expected.

“It is the right decision to not go back, but that decision is a tough one it is really sad…. I miss my students, ” said Hower.

Joshlyn Walters is a senior at North Fort Myers high school, for her this decision marked the end to any hope of normal senior year.

“I was looking forward to prom, graduation with all my family cheering me on, grad bash going to universal with all my friends, (and) the last couple weeks of high school, ” said Walters.

She struggles with ADHD and says online learning has been quite difficult.

“I struggle even in class to take in the information and understand it, so when you put that on the computer and you try to understand what a teacher is saying they can’t really get to you. It is really difficult, ” said Joshlyn Walters.

Teachers say distance learning is an adjustment for many students.

“Parents have the option if they don’t feel like their students kept up they can have them repeat the same grade that they are in right now,” said Rob Spicker of the Lee County School District.

Spicker reminds students to seek additional resources and stay motivated.

"Keep up with that work. You are getting your weekly assignments on Monday get them turned in my Friday. Grades do matter, attendance matters, ” said Rob Spicker.

Last month, the federal government waived requirements for standardized tests for all school-aged children.

Joshlyn speaks for all seniors when she says to focus on the positive.

“We are grateful for each other and grateful for our families as well, so we just have to be appreciative and thankful for the memories that we did get to make, ” said Joshlyn Walters.

The Lee County School district says they are currently working on a plan to make sure seniors are recognized for their accomplishments.