Fort Myers mayoral candidate calling for statewide mask mandate

Council members vote against mask mandate
Posted at 11:46 PM, Jul 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-15 00:17:59-04

FORT MYERS, Fla.  — As the cases of COVID-19 hit records numbers in Florida, Fort Myers mayoral candidate Jacquelyn McMiller is partnering with state legislators to call for a statewide mask mandate.

This comes after the Fort Myers City Council members voted against mandating masks last week.

“I expect so much more from Fort Myers I expected so much more from our leaders, ” said Jacquelyn McMiller.

Mayor Henderson posted this message on Facebook following the decision.

“A mandatory mask policy is not feasible and is a gross overreach of government. It is up to the individual to take responsibility for their own health and respect their fellow citizen’s decision when they do the same”

Florida has become the epicenter of COVID-19.

‘Lives are at stake, the children’s lives are at stake, I have two elderly parents their lives are at stake, all of Florida, ” said Jacquelyn McMiller.

Councilmember Gaile Anthony says later this week the council will be educating the community on safety practices, handing out masks and hand sanitizers.

“It is hard to mandate, education is where we need to go, ” said Gaile Anthony.

Whether or not to wear a mask has become a political debate for many, as people argue mandating violates American freedoms.

“It is more politics than common sense, ” said McMiller.

Councilman Kevin Anderson suggesting a partnership with local businesses to encourage mask requirements.

“I am a COVID survivor, so I know the importance of how serious this, but I don’t think we are at the level to mandate it on people. We need to get collaboration and I think businesses are key to doing this, ” said Anderson.