Florida Southwestern State College opens campus to Students

FSW opens campus
Posted at 12:33 AM, Jul 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-14 00:33:26-04

FORT MYERS, Fla — While many schools and universities in Florida are still deciding how to move forward with the 2020 school year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida Southwestern State College (FSW) opened its doors to students Monday.

The college began 'Phase 2' of their reopening plan, which allows students and potential students on campus.

Face to face admissions services for class registration and financial aid services are the focal points of FSW's phase 2.

"100 percent of the processes that you’re seeing students do right now are available online but there’s a comfort level to be able to ask your question face to face," says Greg Turchetta, Executive Director of Marketing and Media at FSW. "They can go Chat email phone, but look, they’re here today."

The College plans to hold move into Phase 3 of their re-opening plan by August 24, the first day of fall classes.

As of right now, 50 percent of the classes will be in-person lectures held in classrooms on campus.

FSW assures its students that World Health Organization standards including social distancing measures will be used in the classes to ensure student and faculty safety.

"In the classroom it will be 3 feet and masks are required. The mask is the big piece. According to the World Health Organization, we can do a three-foot spread (of the desks) with masks." said Turchetta.

Kenya Fuller, a full-time FSW student, said visiting on campus Monday reassured her that the campus was going to be a safe place to attend classes in the fall.

"Just coming on campus, I’ve been just like okay I see the signs I see people that work here wearing the mask, like they’re supposed to do. I see students and parents coming in today doing the right thing so I feel like if they are to keep it that way it’ll be good," said Fuller.

Laura Ruiz, a new student at FSW, is a little more apprehensive about taking classes in person in the fall.

"I am nervous because I do not know how many students will be in the classrooms. I don’t know if everyone will follow the mask rules. I really don’t know. But as long as their keeping their safety precautions I feel like it will be fine," said Ruiz.

FSW officials also say that dorms will be open this fall at reduced capacity.