Florida R&D company offering leading-edge business solutions for safe return-to-work

Posted at 11:25 AM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 11:25:55-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla -- A Florida-based company is working to bring businesses the tools they need for a safe return-to-work during the pandemic.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Solaiya has a research and development group that's looking at leading-edge technologies around the world and bringing integrated solutions to companies.

One example is what's called "predictive cleaning." As Managing Partner Paul Karch explained, a small disc would be added to an employee’s badge. It would track where that employee goes inside the building, so employers and cleaning crews know where to focus their custodial efforts.

“Then you have the monitors that are actually sitting on the different floors, outside the elevators, in the restrooms, or wherever the case may be. So you can actually figure out that in this one restroom, we had 40 people go in that restroom on Floor 3. And then on Floor 4, we had nobody use that restroom. So in that predictive cleaning world, number one, it can cut down my custodial costs because my facility's management people can say I don’t need to clean that bathroom nobody went into, it’s still clean from the day before. Number 2, I can really do the deep clean where people are congregating, where people are going more often,” explained Karch.

Predictive cleaning is just one of many examples that can help businesses have a safe return-to-work.

“There may be a best-in-class kiosk technology, for example, that comes out of Wisconsin. They have a self-cleaning kiosk. So somebody doesn't have to go along with the spray and clean it, it automatically has UV. So as soon as somebody steps away from it, the kiosk itself will self-clean itself. So any germs or anything like that every 20 seconds it's re-cleaned,” said Karch.

“We may find a German product that's a self-assessment tool that's an app used by 10 million people right now, but it’s used in other parts of the world not the U.S. We bring that into the U.S. and we’ll integrate it into the kiosk department. So now you have an integrated system,” he added.

In addition to offering these solutions to companies, Solaiya said it's something real estate properties could pro-actively integrate before businesses move in.

“To create a safe environment for the buildings themselves so that as they're leasing the buildings, they can say listen we have this technology, it's deployed in our building, and feel free to lease office space from us because we've already taken care of all of these other pieces,” said Karch.

He said considering the amount of empty real estate across our country, this could solve a big problem.